Who Am I

Relationship & Resilience Guru, Champion of the Human Spirit

I’ve been successfully presenting to groups and organisations throughout Australia for several years, facilitating growth and development in relationships, productivity and ultimately their future . If you are wanting to cultivate a culture of resilience or master relationships for yourself, your team or organisation my services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation through science backed techniques. We explore and dig into who you are and how you and others in your team function and how to draw out the best in us all. Let me share with you the science, the tools and partner with you to develop techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life, forge deeper more meaningful relationships and truly enjoy fulfilment in our everyday experiences. 


Foster Resilience

'The Science of Resilience' explores where resilience has gone but more importantly how we get it back.

When we consider that a person’s resilience or ‘Grit’ is a greater predictor of life success then academic achievement or IQ, then it’s pretty important that we nail this.

During the presentation I unpack the science in a fun and easy to understand way, taking a look at what is happening in our young people’s brains and bodies that is directly impacting their ability to connect with their peers and the world around them in a healthy and fulfilling way.

Master Relationships

The quality of our relationships reflects the quality of our lives. There are few certainties in life, death, taxes and relationships. Through my RQ Masterclass presentation let me help you and your team to become masters of relational intelligence, a skill that is widely accepted to have a far greater impact on success and happiness then ones academic ability. Let me share with you the tools and behaviours that guarantee successful and healthy relationships, that will bring you success and contentment, both in your personal and work life.

Repair Rupture

Restorative Practice's workshop is ideal for those in schools, government and non government agency, who are seeking more effective approaches to manage and respond to conflict, antisocial and inappropriate behaviour. 

This presentation recognises that the ability to manage relationships is central to lifelong success. This presentations equips participants the skills knowledge and confidence to utilise restorative practice in their work to bring about individuals who are happier, more cooperative and eager to to make positiev change.


“Learning isn't a way of reaching one's potential but rather a way of developing it”

Anders Ericsson


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