Are you a business or group looking to maximise relationships, well being and tackle unhealthy patterns of behaviour that hold us back as individuals, teams or peers? 

Are you a new or aspiring leader trying to create a vision and lead change?

Are you a school or community group wanting to give your kids, their parents and the community the skills to foster resilience and help create a generation of strong, capable young people?

I run a range of workshops including;  

  • 'The Science of Resilience' that explores where resilience has gone and more importantly how we get it back;

  • 'Turning Anxiety Around' which tackles how to take control of unhelpful feelings and emotions that rob us of opportunities and experiences

  • Restorative Practice 'repairing ruptures' which provides participants the knowledge and skills to effectively utilise restorative practise in their everyday work, AND 

  • My incredibly popular RQ masterclass 'relationships for our future' which explores how to maximise our personal and professional relationships to get the best from ourselves and others, using personalised questionnaire results to understand ourselves in both conflict and cohesive states and how to apply this information to create change. 

*Workshops can also be tailored to specific need.